Microsoft 365


Microsoft 365 provides access to web based Office applications such as Word and Excel as well as Outlook access to your Northwest Radiology e-mail. Microsoft 365 also provides colaboration and communication tools such as Teams, Sharepoint, OneDrive, Streams and others.


To access Microsoft 365:

1.       Go to

2.       Click Sign In.

3.       Enter your NWR e-mail address (e.g.

4.       If prompted, click Work or School Account.

5.       You should be brought to the NWR logon page, simply enter your NWR password.

6.       You may be asked if you want to Stay signed in?, if so...

a.       If you are on a shared computer, click No.  Be sure to close all your browser windows when done to completely end your Microsoft 365 session.

b.       If you are on your own personal computer you can click Yes and your logon process will be simpler going forward.

7.       When done, sign out of Microsoft 365 by clicking your profile icon in the upper right and selecting sign out.

There are also Microsoft 365 apps available in the app stores for Android and iOS devices. NWR I.T. recommends using the Microsoft Outlook app on mobile devices for accessing your Northwest Radiology e-mail.